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ATTENTION! Where not indicated, the programs are in Italian!
If program ask you for MSVBVM60.dll, please install VB6 Runtime SP6.

Nice Tennis
Nice Tennis

My first little game (
1995) was created under Windows with Visual Basic and quite stupid: it was a frenetic car-parking simulator based on the continuous change of prices, but it was only an experiment. The true significant improvement happened at the half of the same year, when I created a little Monopoli simulator (Monopoli 256 Pro) and, immediately later, a tennis simulator (Nice Tennis) in which the characters was very little and so it was unplayable, but I was in the right way and I began engaging in programming.

Tetrix 2
Tetrix 2

The second generation of games was surely much playable. It starts at the end of
1995 with
Tetrix 2, a digital version of a cards game that I invented some years ago. Afterwards came the conversion entirely drew and interpreted by me (as all my programs) of Puzzle Bobble by Taito, that I saw in a bar. I called my work Puzzle Bubble 2 (1996); it was rather good maked, but too predictable and monotonous.

Puzzle Bubble 3
Puzzle Bubble 3
(2 giocatori)

Whit my third generation i reached the wanted level. I began with
Labirinto magico [magic labyrinth], a good version of a game "in box" revisited in Gargoyles style. Among my best works I created Biru-Biru (1996) for Windows 95 (a digital version (such as Tamagotchi) of the mythical Claudio Bisio's [Italian comic actor] character at Mai dire gol [Italian broadcast]), my first program that recognize the user's inputs in accordance with the user's rules. Afterwards I realised a program to foresee the future, Oracolo Cibernetico [cybernetic oracle]
 (1997), then updated to Oracolo Cibernetico Deluxe (1998). I realized also an Archivio dei Libri [books filing] (1998), to register its title, autor, year, edition and position, and JuxeBox 3 (1999, an archive for midi files). Finally, I remaked from the beginning Puzzle Bubble, reaching a good result: Puzzle Bubble 3 (1999), with level editor (!), one or two players on the same keyboard and infinite longevity. The only flaw: it is a game with icons graphics and need an excellent graphic board (minimum 65.000 colors) and at least a Pentium 133 (and maybe it will not be sufficient), notwithstanding the professional setup inside the game allows you to make it run on the 486s also.

Assalto navale
Assalto Navale

My fourth generation of games, apart from the same calculation complexity of Puzzle Bubble 3, is characterized also by an excellent Artificial Intelligence (AI). That make
Assalto Navale [naval assault] (1999), a naval battle simulator, extremely realistic in moves: it is one of my best works, together with TOTUM. In the same period I learned how to modify at will the demos of best games, using all the fields in PUMA Street Soccer, all the cars in Need For Speed 2, and so on. I was succesful in extracting data files from executables (exe) and dumping some games, realizing 3D graphics and movies (with Morphing method also). Finally i translated a german program (ReTouch) without knowing the german language and working only with the exe of the program. I devote me also on Internet, creating, apart from this website, also a website (local) about the Storia dell'informatica [history of the computer science] (more than 100 images, all the houses of production, all the consoles, all the personals!) and one about the Radiohead (with all the lyrics, photos and MIDIs also).

LiVeDiT 2001
LiVeDiT 2001

ItalianFX 2001
ItalianFX 2001

At the end of
2000 I've participated to ILP (Italian League Project, creating eccellents patches of Italian Basket Championship for the NBA LIVE game), first working on NBA LIVE 2000, then on NBA LIVE 2001 and 2003. So I've acquired an important familiarity for manipulations of EA SPORTS graphics systems. I've also realized a project of Steve, ILP coordinator, who only started it: so is born
LiVeDiT 2000, the first stand-alone Editor for NBA LIVE, made in Visual Basic. At the end of 2001 I've converted it for the 2001 edition of NBA LIVE, same thing in 2003 and so on.

2001, since was much time I was following FIFAMANIA and realizing often patches for my personal pleasure, I've decided to make the other passionates of Fifa, grandiose EA SPORTS game, enjoy my creations and I've permanently joined the Fifamania Staff. In a few months I realized ItalianFX (very appreciated) and Customizer 1.6, both for Fifa 2001. Actually I'm still in the staff and each year I create a new version of Engine Manager, my most downloaded program. In 2003 I've also made the excellent T.U.C. (The Ultimate Cheater) 2003, using informations about cheats from Sameer Munot of Fifaworld.
2004 is then born from my hands Fifamania Installer&Creator, ideal successor of the famous program by Fabio Bresciani.

Emerald Sword
Emerald Sword


Always in
2001 I've started
EMERALD SWORD, my first game of big dimensions (80MB expected) and DirectX graphics. It was inspired from a Rhapsody's album (Symphony of Enchanted Lands) and it was going all over its story, with eccellent 2D graphics (rendered 3D) and an exceptional soundtrack. The game style was based on the mitical masterpiece Golden Axe, that I've played for days when I was young and finished more times. But unfortunately my Hard Disk has broken itself a few days after I completed the demo version of Emerald Sword and on the backup CDs it remained only the demo.

Other important step was the realization of
TOTUM, a MasterMind of words, based on a famous french TV show.
Really much amusing and appreciated, destined to continue through all
This game has been totally renewed in
2016 to TOTUM Reloaded with integrated dictionary to verify words, new sound system, modern help file and improved animations.

GoldKar 1.78

F-1 MiniGame
F-1 MiniGame

My most important creations in
2002 are:
MultiMediaMaster, a powerful media manager - mp3, divx and so on - very quicker than Windows Media Player. Updated in 2005.
GoldKar, a Professional Midi/Karaoke Player (created from Karaoke II of the brazilian Fausto C. Arruda), featuring support of Soft Karaoke and Lyrics-Based Karaoke, plus a lot of functions such as lists management, mixing, instruments change, conversions and much more.

Always in 2002, I tried the experiment to digitalize an electronic game of mines (who have'nt started with those?), F-1!
You can download it, but considering that's an old work... especially historic.

Super BiruBiru
Super BiruBiru

2003 I've optimized CVeM - D'you want to be Millionaire? by Stefano Verna from version 3 to version 4! A very excellent game!
Always in
2003, I've moreover tidied GoldKar, creating GoldKar 2.0, with more precision on karaoke texts' delay, quicker and more entrustable when saving instruments to files, and a fantastic virtual piano to be played with your mouse or the PC keyboard! This is my best program ever. In three languages, now with a useful language selector! REQUIRES DIRECTX 7 or later (at least 8 is better) Lists created with previous versions are fully compatible: just install 2.00 in another folder and put in the old *.GKL files.

In December
2003, I've tidied BiruBiru also, creating Super BiruBiru, recompiled at 32-Bit and with a lot of news. Talk with him, let him eating and drinking, clean him and play with him! A little game for a little fun! Customizable dialogs.

NOTE: don't worry if you don't hear nothing... there's no sound!

EuroMonopolio Deluxe
EuroMonopolio Deluxe

In the last days of
2003, as promised I've resumed Monopoli 256 Pro to tidy it, but I found it was too old and too simple, so it was too far from the real Monopoli. Then I've restarted all, by rescanning all images and programming FROM ZERO the game's engine. It's incredible: a so simple game have so many rules to made it really complex to transpose it in a Computer!
EuroMonopolio is the best game, I think, produced by me 'til now, by considering AI complexity, high quality graphics, longevity, the all-new sound system (I used FMOD, what a great DLL!) and the possibility to save the match!
2004 I've "enhanced" this game to EuroMonopolio DELUXE, with a bigger CPU intelligence, more options, more graphics quality and more fun!

M.E.S.S. 1.2

Always of the
2004 is M.E.S.S. (Mp3 External Subtitling System), a really useful tool to create lyrics subtitles for Mp3s using versatile and comfortable external .mess files!

This program is in English! HERE you find the Italian version.

Virtual Battery
Virtual Battery

Experiment of
2004 is my first Hardware invention: Virtual Battery.
Si tratta di un set di 2 pile virtuali, adattabili a slot sia AA (mignon) che AAA (micro), collegate ad un alimentatore con voltaggio regolabile, in modo da avere una fonte di energia inesauribile per quegli apparecchi che non prevedono un ingresso AC/DC esterno. FUNZIONA!!!!

But the biggest project of 2004 is CVeM 4.5, that is to add to the old CVeM 4.3 sounds and music and to solve all bugs. But this is not all: the most important part of the project is the realization of a database PRO of 13'000 questions to substitute the original one of 1600 questions created by Verna and having a lot of errors.
The work was completed in
2005, whereas in
October 2004 on the magazine WinMagazine (n. 68) has been published CVeM 4.5 Standard. This version was still containing the old database, but had music and sounds, was perfectly stable and had some new graphics.

GoldKar 3.00

2005 is the year when great projects were completed. The first one in time order is GoldKar 3.00, the professional MIDI-KAR player. The new version has a lot of new features thank to a whole-rebuilt MIDI system. Better compatibility with Midi+Lyrics, better texts visualization, better MIDI setup, added VUMeters, LEDs and much more, included a complete manual of instructions in ITA and ENG.
Unfortunately it's created for using with HARDWARE, so not all software synths work correctly (they aren't 100% MIDI-Hardware compatible). It's recommended to use Yamaha SoftSynthesizer or Timidity, unrecommended Roland VirtualSoundCanvas... otherwise you can use
GoldKar 2.03, version that uses a DirectMusic-based engine so grants a full compatibility with all synths, but losing all new useful features of version 3.

IMPORTANT NOTE: GoldKar is multilanguage ITA+ENG+FRA!

CVeM PRO 4.5.07

The biggest project completed in 2005 is doubtlessly
CVeM PRO. After over 2 years of work and cooperation with friends from Italy all, it has been created, verified and optimized a professional database of over 12000 questions making the game really extraordinary, both for longevity and quality. And it have also new animations (with a totally new final sequence), new sounds/musics and other improvements both in game and in Editor! Distributed under GPL license [source].


Assalto Navale GOLD
Naval Assault GOLD

Always in
2005 I thought that Naval Assault was worthy of revive. I "restored" graphics, renewed sound system and inserted true photos of pirates, magistrally intepreted by friends from NoQuarterGiven. Naval Assault GOLD is multilanguage ENG+ITA: enjoy!

MagMa 2
MagMa 2

While previous projects was still on the make, I realized an unedited patch (never realized before) for translating
Duels of the Planeswalkers (sequel of the famous Magic: The Gathering by Microprose and now abandonware) completely in italian (cards too, thank to the study of structure of the Cards.DAT file) named Duelli dei Viandanti Dimensionali. It's a patch so obviously needs the full game.

To continue this revival of my ancient passion for Magic, I got under my control the MagMa (Magic Machine) project by Vaporator taking it to the version 2. MagMa 2 allows to play Magic against the PC; project was very interesting and, considering potentials, it was worth to continue it. In the new revolutionary version 2 I solved a really big number of bugs, renewed graphics and sound system and improved playability and easiness of use. You can find MagMa in the official site, where there is also a Forum where you can post your impressions, ideas and problems! You can find it also on Facebook as "MagMa Magic Machine".

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